[FAN ACCOUNT] 140827 Concert in Nagoya

"When Eli tried to put his face near Kevin’s face Kev didnt move his face away but when Hoon did it he faced somewhere else ♡ I sense ElVin"

"They teased Kev for not feeling awkward with Eli and Eli was very happy he decided to carry Kevin around the stage"

yeo hoonmin the ebi shrimp…


You know who it is, it’s…bingu Tabi~~ 

#wow #so much swag jiyong #wild and young indeed

No one knows whether he is laughing or crying

2014 version of ‘smell’

140716 soonhoc’s Instagram

Love you to death almost didn’t make it to the album.
Nope nope nope
That’s my favorite song from the album.
Imagine all the other flawless songs scraped


love him xD dorkiest leader eva :D

*sry for the bad quality*